Dental Crowns and Bridges

Your smile is precious, and we strive to keep it looking and feeling its best. Modern, tooth-coloured restorations provide a solution to make it possible to eat the foods you love and to smile with confidence.

Dental crowns and bridges are two similar procedures that serve very different purposes. Dental crowns repair broken or severely decayed teeth and dental bridges replace missing teeth. Here is some valuable information about these two smile-saving procedures.

Dental Crowns Protect Your Natural Teeth

Dental crowns completely cover natural teeth with durable, tooth-coloured ceramic to reinforce them and absorb the force from chewing to prevent broken or split teeth that require extraction. In some cases, a gold crown might be more suited to protect your tooth. We will discuss all of the options with you.

Instances when dental crowns are recommended:

  • Broken or fractured teeth, especially molars
  • Repair teeth after removing significant decay
  • Protect root canal teeth
  • For cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance
  • Rebuild severely worn teeth
  • Replace large amalgam fillings

Dental crowns are designed on an individual basis to ensure aesthetics and proper function. 

Dr How or Dr Chan will gently anaesthetise the tooth to ensure a comfortable procedure and remove all signs of decay. Reshaping the tooth will ensure the crown fits comfortably with the adjacent teeth. An impression will provide our dental lab with appropriate dimensions to create your dental crown. We will cover the tooth with a temporary crown until your final restoration arrives.

Once we have your final crown in hand, our dentists will permanently bond it to the tooth and make any small adjustments necessary for a comfortable bite. With the proper care, you can expect many years of comfort and reliable function from your dental crown.

Bridging the Gap between Missing Teeth

A dental bridge, also made of tooth-coloured porcelain, is a reliable way to complete your smile and provides patients who want an alternative to dental implant treatment with a non-surgical option.

Dental bridges require dental crowns on one or two adjacent healthy teeth to secure an artificial tooth in place. Made of a single piece of ceramic, dental bridges act as a placeholder to keep natural teeth from shifting or tilting toward the gap caused by a missing tooth.

As with our dental crowns, Dr How and Dr Chan will design them to match the colour and shading of your natural teeth for highly aesthetic results.

We Make Smiles Whole and Comfortable Again

Our Korumburra and Inverloch dental clinics are privately owned practices that provide customised and personal care to make every member of your family smile. Contact us to arrange your next dental appointment. We look forward to helping you feel confident in the dental care you receive.