Teeth Whitening

It’s easy to understand why teeth develop stains if you drink coffee, tea or use tobacco. But even if you avoid these teeth-darkening lifestyle habits, you might notice that your teeth are not quite as bright as they once were. 

Teeth darken as a natural part of ageing. Any colourful food or drink can leave colour deposits on teeth, including some of the healthiest ones – berries, kale, curry and vegetables all stain teeth. Rather than giving up your favourite snacks, professional teeth whitening provides a solution that allows you to keep sipping your morning coffee.

How Teeth Whitening Works

Many products purchased in shops, such as whitening toothpaste, use abrasive cleaners to scrub away surface stains from teeth. Abrasives can damage enamel and provide less than ideal results.

Professional teeth whitening uses a peroxide solution to deeply penetrate the microscopic pores in enamel to completely bleach away years of stains, leaving you with a younger-looking, brighter smile.

Teeth whitening works best following a dental clean to remove surface tartar and stains, and will have you ready for your upcoming special event with a brilliant, stunning smile. We will take a before-and-after shade and photos to measure results.

At Avid Dental, we offer both in-chair and take-home teeth whitening options, depending on patient preference.

In-Chair Professional Teeth Whitening

Chairside professional teeth whitening gives patients the fastest results, which provides excellent results for an upcoming special event.

After placing protective gel over the gums and gently retracting the lips, we will place professional strength Zoom! whitening gel on the surfaces of the teeth and activate it with a special light to expedite results. We will repeat the process up to three times during a single visit, and you will leave with a significantly brighter smile after about an hour.

Many patients opt to continue the whitening process at home using our customised whitening trays and take-home kit.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

For patients who want the most cost-effective method of teeth whitening, our take-home teeth whitening system allows patients to whiten their teeth conveniently on their own time. In just an hour a day, patients achieve maximum results after a couple of weeks.

  • Impressions for custom trays
  • Instructions on using the take-home gel
  • Additional gel for future touch-ups
  • Desensitising treatments (if necessary)

Your custom whitening trays will last many years and can touch-up teeth when new stains begin to develop. We also carry additional gel syringes for patients who want to maintain a white smile for a lifetime.

Ready for a White, Beautiful Smile?

Teeth whitening is safe for most healthy patients and will not damage enamel, even with regular use. If you are looking for a quick way to spruce up your smile, contact our Korumburra or Inverloch dental clinics to arrange a consultation.