Invisalign Invisible Braces

Until recently, orthodontics among adults has been fairly uncommon. As orthodontic treatment has advanced and patients have learned of the many health and cosmetic benefits of straight teeth, more adults are choosing to proceed with orthodontics using Invisalign invisible braces in either our Korumburra or Inverloch dental clinic locations. You can use Invisalign braces without anyone realising you have orthodontic appliances. 

Dr Shal Main Chan will be happy to evaluate your smile and help you decide if Invisalign clear braces will give you your ideal smile.

Benefits of a Straight Smile

A beautiful smile turns heads and makes a memorable impression. A straight smile can make you more likely to enter any situation – social or professional – without feeling like you have to hide your teeth or hide who you really are. 

Your smile is the accessory you wear every day.

Orthodontics for Improved Oral Health

Proper teeth alignment is about much more than appearances. When teeth are in ideal alignment, the result is a healthier smile. Overlapping and overcrowded or teeth are more susceptible to decay and gum disease. Protruding teeth are exposed to accidents and trauma.

  • Easier to clean and prevent gum disease
  • Comfortable bite and chewing 
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Prevents excessive, uneven wear
  • Less frequent headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain
  • Fewer broken teeth

Uneven or crooked teeth contribute to tooth grinding and clenching, called bruxism. The mouth, including teeth, bone and jaw, is a fine-tuned system that will always seek balance. Misalignment and bruxism can lead to painful jaw joints, called temporomandibular joints, and cause inflammation in facial muscles and joint dysfunction (TMD).

Invisalign Clear Braces Treatment and Results

For most orthodontic situations, Invisalign offers a solution without brackets and wires that are noticeable when you smile. Instead, completely clear BPA-free plastic aligners will gradually move teeth into ideal alignment when you wear them for at least 22 hours each day. You can remove them to clean your teeth and to eat, making them extremely convenient.

Preparing for Invisalign

Once you decide to improve your smile, getting started is easy.

  • Impressions and moulds of teeth
  • Photographs and x-rays
  • Instructions for use
  • Arranging follow-up appointments

We will send your information to our Invisalign lab to create your first series of aligners and will go over how to get the most out of your orthodontic treatment. In some cases, small tooth-coloured “buttons” will be added to the teeth to assist with movement. These are temporary and will blend in with your natural tooth-colour.

Basic Invisalign Instructions

Wear each set of aligners for about two weeks before switching to the next in the series. If you lose an Invisalign aligner, let us know right away to avoid prolonging your treatment.

  • Remove aligners to clean your teeth
  • Keep aligners away from pets 
  • Clean them twice daily with lukewarm water 
  • Wear aligners for about 22 hours each day

Invisalign aligners do not require painful “tightening” appointments and will not irritate the lining of your mouth like bracket and wire orthodontics, making them quite comfortable.

Treatment Times and Retainer Use

As with traditional orthodontics, treatment times will vary depending on how far your teeth need to move. Dr Chan will provide an estimate. Your compliance will play the most significant role in completing treatment efficiently.

As with all orthodontics, wearing a retainer is an essential part of treatment. We offer several types from which to choose.